Things which should be avoided while renting a car

If you are a youngster and it is your first time, that you are going with your friends on an adventurous journey after your exams have been finished, then one of the most challenging hurdles you are going to face is to rent a perfect car according to your requirements and get it rented by a perfect dealing with the car dealer agency. This first hurdle then will be requiring a lot of experience in this market of car renting and some vigilance from your side. But the thing that you are lacking is the experience in this car hiring agency market and to fulfill this requirement, you will be looking for an individual who knows the market trends of the car hiring agency and the latest pricing of the market. So, if you want to hire a 7-seater hire then you should have someone with some experience in this industry. He will be providing you with all the tips and tricks about the technicalities in such dealings and will also tell you how to avoid some major mistakes that are commonly committed while making your first deal. So here we will be discussing some common mistakes that one should avoid before making your first deal.

Extra advantages that are being offered

These car hiring agencies have a lot of techniques by which they can increase your bill in the end of the tour. One of the most common technique that they apply is the addition of extra services like insurance policy for the vehicle, vehicle damaging policy etcetera in your package without letting you know it. You will only come to know that these offers are being provided to you with cost only when you will see your voucher in the end. And then you will have no other choice other than paying it because you had availed them already. So, before you avail a 9-seater hire, you should see the complete services list being provided to you in the start and if there are some, then you should get them removed immediately.

Never rent your car from any airport if it is nearby

If you are coming from abroad, and you have arranged someone to pick you up from the airport then you should appoint a picking place that should be away from the airport. It may seem a bit illogical to you in the start but there is a reason behind it. If you hire your 7-seater hire from the airport, then you may have to pay some extra charges to the hiring agency in the name of airport surcharges. And it can be easily avoided if you move your pickup location a bit away from the airport. So, it is better that you should discuss it with your car hiring agency before and then should set a pickup location that is a bit far away from the airport. You should prefer to take some steps on foot from the airport and the driver should be there waiting for you at the pinned location.

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