fabric’s  Used for bathing towel

Although they are mainly used for bathtowels(which is the term in Thaiผ้าเช็ดตัว) are also used in other facets such as: the gym, the beach, camping, etc. The material with which these are made, is also varied. Today on your website  Custom Towels you will learn the types of cloths for towels that exist and their origin. Continue reading for more information.

Properties that make them unique

Towels have evolved over the years, in general, they are made of an absorbent fabric that is called ” plush “. Depending on its use, you will need one or another specific fabric, because there are bamboo, microfiber, cotton and polyester on the market.


It is the evolution in terms of drying. The fabric is composed of polyester and nylon that are synthetic fibers. The ideal ratio is 80% nylon and 20% polyester. The fabric exists since the late 1950s and because it is a product of the industry, it has been perfected over time. The fiber is very thin – 10 times thinner than human hair and 50% thicker than silk – is obtained through various industrial techniques. Thanks to this compound, it has twice the absorption capacity of other materials. In addition, they usually last a little longer than cotton.


It is a kind of ecological fabric , therefore, friendly to the environment. This wood substitute is characterized by being absorbent and is similar to cotton. For people who are more interested in neatness, this fabric is more hygienic than others, because it has antibacterial properties and is more resistant to mold.

People who suffer from various skin conditions may consider its use because it is also mild and the chances of causing allergic reactions are minimal. Another advantage is that it does not produce static.


This fabric is a classic in towels and not only in them, but in clothes in general. One of its main features is that they are dyed easily and as you can customize a shirt , you can also do it with this piece that is inevitable in a bathroom.

Another of its virtues is that they trap moisture , so that there is no trace of it in our body. There are various techniques to make this type of towels that will depend on the thread used in its preparation. One of the recommendations made is that, when buying them, verify that they are  cotton and have no polyester compounds.

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