Diamond Bay Resort & Spa


With criteria is that putting guest comfort above all else, Diamond Bay Resort & Spa was built and designed based on the elements of luxury, harmony with nature. We can say that, all rooms at Diamond Bay Resort & Spa is a perfect blend of a Vietnam culture with modern design. Using the advantages of mountainous terrain and spectacular ocean view, Diamond Bay Resort & Spa has created 342 unique private rooms. Each room is a interesting experience where you can enjoy the beauty of peaceful, romantic gulf sea and the grandeur of mountains.

Diamond Bay Resort & Spa


These rooms of the Diamond Resort & Spa Nha Trang are divided into 2 types: Hotel Room and Bungalow. With 176 rooms in 4 blocks and placed in a garden full of trees, flowers; Hotel room is the perfect choice for those who love nature. 166 bungalow rooms are divided into 2 blocks: Ruby and Sapphire, and both also have garden or sea overlooking. Bungalow rooms are designed with convenient furniture, space integrated with nature so that giving you a maximum of private space. In addition, our resort also has 2 VIP rooms with huge pool view and luxurous design; more especially, sauna and jacuzzi are located right in the room.

Diamond Bay Resort & Spa


At Diamond Bay Resort & Spa, our chefs and bartendes can absolutely satisfy you with a lot of choices from Vietnamese traditional dishes to international cuisine. You will not be able to resist the appeal of premium delicacies setting in a romantic and peaceful atmosphere. In particular, all dishes of Diamond Bay Resort & Spa offers advice and directed by Alain Nguyen – a famous chef and has much experiences in the Vietnam cuisine as well as international cuisine; we are sure to please any guests whether prissy people.

Diamond Bay Resort & Spa has several restaurants, bars in which, each place has its own characteristics in terms of style as well as its own strength. Therefore, you will have many opportunities to experience when staying at Diamond Bay Resort & Spa Nha Trang.