Most beautiful villages in Sapa


Sapa is an ideal place for tourists with many unique experiences: staying with a local family, sharing their home, eating with them and discover the region with them will give you a very different point of view of Sapa. Here are the popular villages in Sapa that tourists often visit and explore.

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Ta Van Village

Ta Van is next to Lao Chai on the same side of Muong Hoa River where the Giay, H’Mong and Red Dao ethnic people live together. This is one of the best places to see the different traditional ways of living as well as cultural assimilation. Also, the magnificent landscape of the place with ancient rock fields, springs and terrace fields is another reason to attract huge numbers of travelers visiting this place annually.

Ta Van village via YouTube

To reach the village, visitors have to cross the suspension bridge over Muong Hoa spring. The first impression when coming here is the housing architecture, which reflects both courtesy and coziness. This village is normally a combination in the visit to Lao chai village on the trek to Muong Hoa valley. It is also a popular stop for those who would like to experience an overnight home stay with a local family, sharing dinner with them as a member of their family. Homestay in the village of Ta Van will bring you an unforgettable experience. You will discover not only the authenticity of the valley but also the lifestyle of friendly host who welcome you warmly. You can also participate in the preparation of dishes and walk through the neighborhood area.

Cat Cat Village

Cat Cat Village is the nearest ethnic minority village to Sapa Town located at the bottom of the Muong Hoa Valley.

It is a leisurely walk for about 20-30 minutes down a sloped road. There is no need to hire a guide but your visit will be better if you have one. This is an old village of H’Mong ethnic group remaining unique customs and practices which have been lost in many other villages. Entrance fee is VND 40000. Once you are at the village, you can visit the houses of the locals as well as buy souvenirs and handicrafts from them (remember to bargain). There are also a few scenic points for photo taking here with the beautiful landscape and rice terraces. After this village, you will reach the Cat Cat waterfalls.

Lao Chai village via Tour Du Lich

Lao Chai Village

Lao Chai is a village of black H’Mong ethnic group.

Lao Chai is a commune composed by three large villages with over 100 families of the Black H’mong ethnic, and people here are quite hospitable. It is about 7-8 km southeast of Sapa town, also the beginning of Muong Hoa valley. If you go from the center of Sapa Town, go along Cau May Street and then turn to the Muong Hoa valley. From a high point of the road, great view of the whole village opens wide to offer the marvelous scenery of the village, backed by high mountains and faced by the river. Without electricity columns and paved roads, Lao Chai village bears the true meaning of the life of ethnic minorities. Even though there are more modern amenities, local people keep traditional culture and living style. These are features attracting domestic and foreign tourists. Aside from the spectacular scenery and majestic nature, Lao Chai Village is famous for cultural beauty. In order to experience the true meaning of local life, you need sleep overnight or homestay. Taking a rest at rustic homes of local people, being close to the nature and enjoying mountainous dishes make your trip more meaningful.

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