Foods & Drinks

Singaporean sweet eats become popularity due to their flavours and attributes. Here are some suggestions for you when visiting Singapore.

Dim sum is a great experience at a leisurely pace with a large group of friends. These small plates of delicacies can be found around China; but Shanghai has more dim sum spots that you can shake a stick at.

Hotels & Resorts

For travellers who want to get away from noisy, crowded India and experience fascinating local culture, Chandoori Sai, surrounded by rolling hills, is the perfect spot. The dedicated team at this luxurious lodge are key to exploring the remote state of Odisha.

This was one of the first proper five-star resort hotels to open on the shores of Inle Lake, and is in one of the best locations for exploring it.

Hotel Indigo helps to fill a gap that’s long existed in this city between the fabulous (and fabulously expensive) hotels right at the top end, and the tour-group hostelries much further down the chain.