Distribution Channels In The Tourism Industry

Anticipation in decision-making allows us to minimize the negative impact of a difficult period and maximize market opportunities.

Distribution Channels

This aspect has come to modify the trends of the sector before the demands of a thanon khao san market that requires more personalized and flexible conceptions of the tourism product or service. Faced with this situation, companies need to guide and focus their business management model on the needs of their clients to face the changes and strategic challenges they face. In this context, they need more than ever to have quality information about the activity they carry out, the market in which they operate and the agents with whom they interact.

Undoubtedly, the most appropriate information systems/information technologies instruments must be provided to obtain valuable information that serves as a support to managers and employees to improve the management of the business activity and the quality of customer service.

In general, the tourism industry is composed of a series of sectors that can be interrelated or complemented. These components, already known, are:

  • Accommodation sector
  • Transport sector
  • Travel organizers and distributors sector
  • The sector of tourism destination organizations
  • Attractions sector

The distribution channels have the mission of bringing these sectors closer to consumers.

The intermediaries are the companies that make the tourist packages, intermediating between the products and the consumers or final customers. These companies are:

  • Booking Centrals
  • Tour Operators
  • Travel Agencies: Wholesalers and Retailers
  • Online Travel Agencies

For many years, access to the product was always made by intermediaries, as consumers had no knowledge or ease of access to destinations, to the contracting of transport, accommodation, etc. Today, with the advancement of new technologies and the evolution in this regard by users, it makes the competition enormous.

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