Five Fun Outdoor Hobbies To Try Out & Pick Up In 2022

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Over the previous two years, we have become far more aware of how important spending time outdoors is. It has always been accepted that having an outdoor hobby is likely to ensure we keep fit and remain active but recent events have also ensured we are each well aware of how fundamental nature is to our wellbeing. As a result, we are seeing an increase in outdoor pursuits and hobbies. A greater number of individuals are picking up sports and activities that take them outside, whether to explore beaches, climb mountains, or immerse themselves in rich forest environments.

If you haven’t already picked up a hobby that gives you a reason to adventure, then 2022 might be the year to begin. For a number of reasons, even beyond physical and mental health, it is now a great time to leave the house and explore new landscapes!

Mushroom Hunting

Mycology can be an intimidating interest, especially with its taxonomy, but there is a growing online community that supports newcomers with the knowledge and skills to keep them safe. Promising you to maintain caution, however, mushroom hunting can be a remarkably satisfying pursuit to begin, not only giving you a new way of seeing the outdoors but one that gives you exciting ingredients to bring into your kitchen too.

To begin, you will only need a basket, a guidebook, and a blade, preferably one with a stiff brush attached to help clean your edible treasure.


Every Canadian will be familiar with the abundance of lakes their country has, but far fewer have ever endeavoured to explore them. Scubadiving is a fantastic way to visit new worlds, environments where few have adventured before, giving those who pursue the hobby an amazing sense of unique accomplishment.


Another great way to explore the country’s amazing bodies of water is atop a paddleboard. This inclusive and relaxing hobby offers incredible vantages from which to see some of the most beautiful natural wonders. SUP, or stand-up paddleboarding, can also open lakes up to yoga enthusiasts who want to experience a remote and idyllic place to practice – just be sure that you have the right paddle board for you and your needs.

Magnet Fishing

A hobby that has gained notable popularity in recent years is magnet fishing. It is an endeavour with an earnest community, full of messageboards whereby enthusiasts share their finds and offer tips for interesting locations. Why there is some caution that should be taken into account when magnet fishing, it can be an exciting way to explore your local environment and even find treasure.

Mountain Biking

Canada has some of the world’s most famous mountain biking trails and, for those seeking both the thrill of speed and the ability to explore, they might be a great reason to pick up the hobby. Many established trails will have information regarding their tracks, incline, and drops, all of which will help beginners discern the right environment for them.

Once you’re comfortable with two wheels, the entire country becomes open to your adventure, with each province having its own selection of choice trails, from amazing double tracks to exhilarating singles.

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