The ultimate guide for transport in India for tourists

Traveling to every hook and corner of India has been a part of everyone’s bucket list. India is a large country and traveling here might need you to give some thought to how to get from one place to another. Luckily, there is an umpteen number of travel options available – be it by air, road or rail. This massive network can be a bit confusing to navigate initially but getting an overview of the transport system in India will help you decide the best way to travel around depending on your location and other factors.

Rail Travel in India:

Traveling by train is a bucket list experience in itself for many. The best way to travel in India is through the extremely well-connected Indian Railway network. The trains connect even the remotest places in India. Trains are the best way to experience the diverse culture of India on a long-distance journey. In addition to the national railway system, many major cities also have metros for inter-city transport. It is always advisable to book a railway ticket in advance. There are multiple ways you can book a train ticket in India – online or at a travel agency or the booking counter on the station. Due to the popularity of Indian railways, it is suggested that you book the tickets 120 days in advance. Some tickets are held back for emergencies which are called the tatkal ticket. A tatkal ticket is available to book a day before the departure and is sold at a higher price. One can book a tatkal ticket online but as these tickets are temperamental it is best to book the ticket from the booking counters.

Air Travel in India:

There are several government-owned and private airlines in India on both international and domestic routes. There are a lot of low-cost airlines that would offer cheaper fares and discounts. The increasing number of private airlines has increased competition which in turn has resulted in making domestic air travel a lot cheaper. The first-tier cities are all connected with domestic and international airports. Many 2 tier cities are also connected by air but mostly domestic. Air travel is great if you’re looking for a quick and comfortable transport option.

Road Travel in India:

If someone asked me the best travel option a few years back, I would’ve suggested trains or airways. But today, the condition of India’s roads has improved a lot. One must not calculate the travel time based on the distance when traveling by road because the conditions could be unexpected like bumpy roads, traffic jams, weather conditions, etc. There are a lot of options when it comes to traveling by road as well. One could take a bus or hire a car. People looking for adventure can also opt for motorcycles or scooters. India also has a large network of buses that connect villages, cities, and states. Bus travel can be fun and attractive as the journey would allow you to experience the view of a lot of places in between. Buses are a lot cheaper compared to trains. One can book a bus ticket online or through travel agents. Another road travel options are the 3-wheeled auto rickshaws which can be fun on their own or the local taxis or cabs.

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