Top car umbrellas in recent time

Maybe you haven’t really thought of getting car umbrella(this is the term in Thai ร่มรถราคา)before , but note that the are very handy device. There are types . The first type is  fits to the roof of  the vehicle. It opens up and  and protect your paintwork from the UV light and debris. The are also highly effective at keeping the inside of a vehicle cool even when there is hit weather.

They second type is like a portable shade  for you.  The fit to the hitch the vehicle and it folds away when you’re done. If you’re still confuse which car umbrella to use , check out the list below.

Reliance car umbrella

You can secure your car in all climates with this silver coated polyester vehicle spread. It  constantly reflects sunlight and it reduces the temperature the car. In the summer this will definitely make more easier for you to get back in the car. It is made with waterproof and it also provides protection from snow and even wind  and hail.

This car umbrella price(this is the term in Thai ร่มติดรถยนต์)  is about $250

I showstore Remote control car umbrella

This particular car umbrella can be seen in all sorts of vehicles and SUV’s. It gives an extreme block to heat because it creates a layer of cold air above your vehicle. It will also protect your car from acid rain, birds wast and snow.

The most different thing with this one is that you can control it either automatically or manually. The Y shape makes it stable and more resistance to strong wind

Lanmodo portable car umbrella

Fastness is the  most interesting part of this car umbrella, which the most talked aspect of this brand.

It so large that it can suit any sort of car.

Car umbrella is relevant and is not just a need, is a want.

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