Top 5 thrilling activities to do in Shimla (Updated 2021)

Did you ever feel the urge of doing something exciting on the pristine hill station of Shimla? Well, if yes, then you are not alone. Many people feel the need to re-energise themselves by trying out thrilling activities on their getaway. Besides boasting majestic Himalayan ranges, this ‘Queen of the Hills’ city is perfect and will take you on an adventurous ride with its several offerings. 

There is an assorted range of activities that you can try on your visit. Not only are these activities amusing to take part in but will also elevate your adrenaline rush and please your soul from inside. So, if you want to engage in fun activities in Shimla during your visit, then do not wait longer! Book a hotel in Shimla now and add the following activities to your itinerary to start the journey as soon as you can.

Go paragliding in Kangra Valley

What can be a better way to accomplish the dream of flying in the sky than from paragliding. Paragliding is the best way that you can opt to both have a majestic view of the mountains from a bird’s view and also to fulfill your dream of flying independently in the sky. Although there are various places in Shimla to try paragliding, make your first experience at the Kangra Valley. The incredible view of the mountain ranges and the alluring sight of the Kangra Valley from the top are surely going to make your sojourn here worthwhile. If you are a true thrill-seeker, then this is one of the leading Shimla sports that you cannot afford to miss.

Soak yourself in the beautiful view of Chadwick Waterfall

Waterfalls are not only tranquil but also give a rejuvenating vibe from their very first sight. So, if you love to spend hours catching the mindblowing view of waterfalls, then do head to Chadwick Waterfall on your vacation. Nestled in the Glen Forest and flowing beautifully from 1586 metres, this fall has clear waters that will detoxify your soul after a strenuous workday. It is surrounded by deodars and pine and you can also trek here to enhance your overall experience. What’s more? If you are planning to stop by this place with your pals or family, you can also conduct a small picnic here and even get to explore the local wildlife in the surrounding. An interesting fact to know about this place is that it was initially named ‘Chidku Jhaar’ and was later renamed ‘Chadwick Falls’ by the Britishers. 

Enjoy a cycle tour to the Water Catchment Wildlife Sanctuary

If bicycle touring is what you love, try something different and cycle along the Water Catchment Wildlife Sanctuary. Don’t worry as we have enough reasons to justify our suggestion. The best part about going for a cycle tour is that it will not cost you much and you can definitely go for the ride without worrying about the price rates. Secondly, if you feel too lazy to stroll by the sanctuary, you will always have a vehicle with you to help you tour around at your own pace. Third, you can spot several species of animals and birds including leopards, deers and monkeys and also stop by to click fascinating pictures on your camera rolls to cherish later. With all these reasons and much more, the cycling experience in Shimla will give you the best escapade for a lifetime. 

Learn about the history of Kuthar Fort

Are you a history buff? If yes, then that leaves you with no excuse but to visit the Kuthar Fort. Situated few kilometers away from Subathu and Arki, this fort has an incredible beauty both on the interiors and the exteriors that will make you awe in wonder. It has stunning architecture on the outside and as soon as you enter the fort, the serenity of this place will captivate your senses. Boasting ancient Rajasthani interiors, a prime reason why this fort is popular is because it is 800 years old and was built by Gurkha kings for the Kuthar family ancestors. So, if you are someone who wants to know more about how the Kuthar’s lived and their lifestyle, then add this to your itinerary right away. Getaways, sanctuaries, arches, convoluted pillars and wooden carvings are the major highlights of this incredible fort. 

Experience river rafting at the Sutlej River

Located near the city centre, the Sutlej River is the best place where you can fulfill your dream of rafting amidst the gushing waters of the river. If you love water activities, then add this activity to your bucket list right away! You will surely love the ride amidst the aggressive waters of the river and have a remarkable experience for 3 hours. Starting from the Chamba to the summit of Tatthapani, the rafting route will take you to wind riverways and through challenging rapids that will overall make your experience, phenomenal.  Besides, the high pace at which you will travel will make your experience even more thrilling and memorable for a lifetime. Do not trust us? Then, try river rafting here and you will know for yourself. On that note, visit here during September to June months to have the best rafting affair. 

In case you are wondering, you will be guided by professionals throughout these activities and therefore, can carry these out without additional worries. So, what are you waiting for? Add these activities to your plan and have a larger-than-life experience to remember for the rest of your life.

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